Handbook of Throwing Knives

Throwing knives need not be sharp, a pointy tip will penetrate the wood well. Lightweight throwing knives will wobble in flight, and are harder to control. A fancy cut-out design on handle or blade might look good, but will catch your hand in the release - simple shapes rule. If you get a set of three, you really train your throwing motion and not your walking skills. Yes, you can throw any knife, but only a throwing knife is built to withstand the impact without damage. No, it is not necessary that throwing knives be center-balanced, but it makes their flight more predictable. After training, do clean your knives with water and a soft cloth, and remove any dents.

That's throwing knives in a nutshell. Read on below to learn about the anatomy of throwing knives - like suitable weight distribution or handle shapes. After you browsed our reviews, you will have a good idea which throwing knife will fit you. Hopefully you will find this perfect thrower in our online shop, and if not, try our list of other shops or build your own throwing knife.

To get a grasp of the historic development of throwing knives, do visit Bobby Branton`s online (external link / new window)Knife Throwing Museum, or see (external link / new window)John Bailey's collection. Scott Gracia's (external link / new window)list of throwing knife galleries also includes contemporary throwing knives.

The tip of a throwing knife must be sturdy and pointy. The area where the blade meets the handle is prone to breaking in some throwing knives. Remove nicks before they hurt your hand! The tip of a throwing knife must be sturdy and pointy. Keep the edge blunt to prevent injuries. A straight handle makes for a smooth release. Remove nicks before they hurt your hand! Cleaning: Directly after training, remove any specks. The tip of a throwing knife must be sturdy and pointy.

Throwing Knife Knowledge

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Aspects of a throwing knife:
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