Dragon Knife throwing knife, picture by Scott Gracia

Dragon Knife

To begin with, the Dragon Knife is one of the best professional throwing knives in the market. It is manufactured in the USA by the Dragon Knives company and resembles the artist throwing knife by Dubé:
  • It is a little bit longer (34cm), thicker (nearly 5mm) and heavier (315g). Due to its weight, it flies stable, and due to its length it will take a longer distance for one turn. Thus one has to correct his throwing distance, going further back from the line where one would toss his normal, smaller knives.
  • The "diamond" protruding at the sides is moved a bit towards the tip, giving you more possibilities for the grip. With the Dubé knife, the handle seems too short sometimes.
  • Without having to file it first, the knife can be thrown by the handle and by the blade. It is not sharp and has no uncomfortable edges. The center of gravity is somewhat off-center, towards the handle.
  • The straight shape ensures a smooth release, the knife glides out of your hand. Some people might miss the belly of the blade that lies in your palm so reassuringly and gives additional feeling for the throw (like with the Nieto or Dubé).
  • The tip is not so flat and therefore sturdier, it does not look like it is going go break. But it is spiky enough to stick in the target excellently.
  • Because of the coating, one has a good, secure grip on the knife. Of course this coating is to wear off by and by, but that does not make the handle too rough.
  • Both knives seem to be made of a very hard steel. The Dragon Knife did not suffer any obvious damage from being thrown against a wall of concrete several times. (Of course, this makes repairing the knife with a file quite a task :-)
Dragon Knife throwing knife, picture by Scott Gracia
Because of its size, the Dragon Knife can not be recommended for beginners. But for the professionals, it is a great alternative to the Dubé throwing knife, depending on which shape you like better. It is of very good quality.

The knife was sold by Scott Gracia via his (external link / new window)Throwzini.com website, but he discontinued the item due to supply difficulties. He was so friendly to send us two free sample knives for testing!
You will sometimes find other versions of this knife, with a broad head or plates on the handle.
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