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This are the terms of use for the internet-pages that can be found under KnifeThrowing.info, Knife-Throwing.info, ThrowingKnives.eu and Throwing-Knife.com (called "site" or "Knifethrowing.info").

Responsible for Knifethrowing.info is Dr. Christian Thiel, Almenrauschstr. 14b, D-86179 Augsburg, Germany   His email-address can be found at the contact-page.

Christian Thiel is also responsible for the Facebook presence at (external link / new window)Facebook.com/Throwingknives and the Google plus presence at (external link / new window)http://plus.google.com/105963968502348931600.

Trade registered with the city of Augsburg, Bavaria, Germany.

Various products are presented here at Knifethrowing.info. They are not sold by Knifethrowing.info but our partners such as (external link / new window)Toolshop. Hence, you enter into a contract of sale with the partner, whose terms and privacy conditions also apply. These documents can be found on the pages of the partner. If you experience any problems with your order, please contact the partner first.

All content included on this site (such as text, graphics, images, the design) is Copyright © by Christian Thiel, called author in the following. Some pictures were provided by our partners. Nothing of the content, even not in part, may be used in other publications (such as books, CDs, internet-pages) or otherwise without prior written permission from the author. Links to Knifethrowing.info are welcome! If you give me notice of your link, you will receive a message if the structure of the pages changes, so that your links don`t lead into empty space.
For content of other authors that is included or embedded into this site, the terms of the other authors apply. If content by other authors/sources is included (of course with permission), this is mentioned on the page including the content, or the content is annotated respectively, or the content is linking to the respective source, or it is listed at the bottom of this page.

Knifethrowing.info can not warrant that the contents are accurate, complete, reliable, current, or error-free, and rejects all responsibility for damages or injuries resulting from the use, failure to use or abuse of information from this site. Especially, anybody throwing knives has to take the necessary security precautions. Minors should always be supervised. Spectators shall be kept at a distance.

Knifethrowing.info rejects all responsibility for links to internet-pages outside of Knifethrowing.info (external links). We do in no way approve of the contents of the external linked pages. We do only state that at the moment when we made the link, the external page did not include contents that were easily discernible as illegal or infringing on anybody's rights. If we get a notice that a external page has inappropriate content, we review the claim and will, if the content really is objectionable, remove the link.

When you buy something via one of the (external link / new window)Amazon-links at KnifeThrowing.info, we earn a share that helps us keep this website going.


If you buy the product at one of our partners, Knifethrowing.info will receive no personally identifiable data about the purchases. The partners all adhere to their own privacy guidelines which can be read on their own sites ((external link / new window)Toolshop privacy policy, (external link / new window)Knife Depot privacy policy). Additionally, we are physically located in Germany and must adhere to the strong German privacy laws.

When you contact us, you do not need to give us any information, it is all voluntary (e.g. the name in the email form). Please be sure not to omit data we need to fulfil your request (like a reply address in an email request).

We store the IP-address and domain of each visitor, your email-address if you send us an email, information on which pages are visited, and information volunteered by you, e.g. subscriptions to a newsletter or an update service.

The collected information will only be used for the purpose for which it was submitted to us, for example to inform you on updates, answer your questions or help fulfilling your order. We also use it to improve the navigation in our pages. It will not be shared with anyone outside Knifethrowing.info.

That is, if you have not explicitly agreed (opt-in), you will receive no advertising-mail from us. If you want to unsubscribe from a newsletter, simply send us an email.

Please note that some of our pages show ads by the company www.google.com These ads will place cookies on your computer, and thus track your surfing behaviour across sites that (by showing ads or using other products) are afiliated with the aforementioned company. The company will use this information to taylor the ads it shows to you.
It would be a good idea to have a look at the privacy settings of your browser, and for example instruct it to keep cookies only for the current session.
Note that I disabled the feature google calls "interest based ads" for this site. That means that google will not use visitation information from your surfing on our pages for building interest profiles of you.

On some of our pages, we use a statistics service that is notified when you visit these pages (Starting page and StickingPoint: StatCounter) and that receives technical data about your visit (like your IP address). The service uses this data only to provide us with statistical information about visitors, such as our geographic reach and screen resolutions; a cookie is not set. On selected pages, we use the geolocation provider GeoPlugin to display relevant hints for US visitors, but apart from the IP address no data is sent to this service.

This website uses Piwik, an open-source software that allows statistical analysis of website visitors. To this end, visit information is transfered to and stored on our servers, with the aim of optimising this web website. Your IP address is shortened in this process, so you as visitor remain anonymous to us.
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For Dealers

If you would like to add one of the throwing knives reviewed or one of the knives in our shop to the products you sell, please send us a copy of your business license, or a corresdonding document. After receiving your request, we will supply you with the necessary (pricing) information.

People kept asking us for banners to decorate their links to us with. Here are some. If you need another kind, just let us know.

KnifeThrowing.info - All about the sport of knife throwing and throwing knives. Communication between knifethrowers.

KnifeThrowing.info - All about the sport of knife throwing and throwing knives. Communication between knifethrowers.

KnifeThrowing.info - All about the sport of knife throwing and throwing knives. Communication between knifethrowers.


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